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Necklaces and Chokers
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These are all hand made to order, email me at
to see if I have them or need to make one for you. I do not have all items at all times,

so please do not order without emailing me first! Thanks.

These are Real Bear Claws. California Law prohibits me from selling them in Ca., but I can in any other state.
The Claws are set in Sterling Silver settings. The 3rd from left is Badger Claws.

Some supplies are hard to come by so email me with your request to see if  I can make it or not.

These are all made by hand with supplies on hand.

I currently have no Bear Claws available. Sorry.

These vary as I have to travel out of state to buy my claws. I have these 4 pieces in stock.
(from left) Eagle head with Silver Beaded Necklace, $225
Eagle head with Buffalo Horn, Silver and Turquoise beads Necklace $180
Badger Claws with Silver and Turquoise setting, Red Horn with Silver and Turquoise beads Necklace $200
Traditional Silver setting with Turquoise and Coral setting, Silver and Turquoise beads Necklace $180

These are Black Onyx Heart Chokers. With Black Buffalo Horn and Onyx beads. They are $45 each.

These are Various Stone and Crystals Chokers and Necklaces. They are $60 each.

Various Misc Chokers and Necklaces. $45 each

These are Silver Fetishes. They vary in Styles as to what I make. The ones here are $75 each

These are Turquoise Necklaces with Buffalo Horn, Red Horn, Bone with Silver and Turquoise beads.
From left) $100 ~~ $80 ~~   $80 ~~ $80 ~~ $80 ~~ $80 ~~ $80 ~~ $120 ~~ $120

These are Rose Quartz Hearts with Bone and Rose Quartz and Garnet beads. $45 each.

These are Amythist Hearts with Bone, and Amythist beads. $45 each

Red bone with Garnet Heart Chokers with Garnet beads. $45 each

This set is my new Tattoo style Sterling Silver collection. Choker and Bracelet set for $70.
I will make it to your specifications in Length and beads.

Sterling Silver Crosses with Buffalo Horn and Silver and Hemetite beads Necklaces. $95 each 

Sterling Silver Cross with Buffalo Horn and Silver and Hemetite beads Necklace. $85 each 

Sterling Silver Crosses with Buffalo Horn and Silver and Hemetite beads Necklaces.
From left) $70 ~~ $70 ~~   $70 ~~ $70 ~~ $100* ~~ $70 ~~ $80 ~~ $120* ~~ $90 ~~ $90 ~~   $80 ~~ $120* ~~ $90

*These 3 Cross Necklaces were made for Robert Sweet from STRYPER
They are (
from left) $110 ~~ $120 ~~ $120

This is the Fishbone Collection. I will be making these for the band Fishbone.
They are all Sterling Silver Fishbone Centers with Various stone beads with real Fish Bone and Bone.

They are all $50 each. Specify size and color beads you prefer.

More soon as I make it.

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