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Special Note: Due to the rise in Prices of Silver, all of the prices for any items made out of Silver are not Valid. These prices reflect from when the price of Silver was at around $20 an Ounce. Pleas email me at before ordering if you want to get something made of Silver so I can get you an updated price. I am not going to redo all the prices until the price of Silver stabilizes! Thanks.

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Hi, I am Victor the SnakeMannn. Over the next few pages you will see the designs and creations I have made for you to enjoy. I hope you have fun looking at all my creations. Please get what you can and let me know what you like. I do Custom pieces for people, so feel free to inquire about anything you need. You can see my celebrity list by scrolling down on this page.

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For over 20 years now I have celebrated my Native American Heritage by making fine Custom Handcrafted Indian Jewelry, Art and Designs.

I design and make Custom Handcrafted Native American Indian Jewelry.
Art and Designs, Custom Work, Chokers, Breastplates, Necklaces,
Earrings, Belts, Hatbands, Bone, Silver, Turquoise and Repairs
TV, Film, Studio and Set Design
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I started out in the late 80s by receiving a Lakota Sioux Choker from a friend. When it broke, I remade it using different beads and making it my own. Then when people asked where I got it I replied that "I made it". They wanted me to make some for them. This is how I started making jewelry. In the time since, I have sold to stores across the West and have had my pieces featured in Movies, TV Shows and Music Videos. Many Celebrities have purchased my pieces over the years. Is it time to have your own handcrafted design? Please let me know if I may be of service.

If you are interested in purchasing a piece, please Email me with your request or Phone Number.
Each one is Custom made to your specifications, entirely Hand Made, and some are One of a Kind. I also make Custom Breast Plates. Or you can choose from some I already have made. I use Deer Bone (white), Buffalo Horn (black), Rams Horn (amber and red). I use Silver and Brass for Metal Beads. Turquoise, and Trade beads that range from 100 to 300 years old. Center pieces range from Ermine Tails from Siberia, Conch Shells and Abalone, as well as Feathers, Bones and Bear Claws (not available for sale in Ca). I have about 200 different beads in various styles and colors.
You tell me what you want, I will create a piece of Art for you to enjoy. I can also create Art as in framing pieces for your walls.
Everything  I create makes a great gift . Prices depend on Beads, Materials and Designs used.

Celebrities who have my Jewelry...

I am trading Jewelry for Gift Cards people get for Christmas, Birthdays, Barmitzvas or any other occaission you might get one and don't really want. So like a $50 Gift Card from Wal*Mart, KMart, Target, Best Buy etc.. will get you $60 in Jewelry. That means it didn't really cost you anything, and you got what you wanted. So pass that on to you and your friends and email me at if you need anything. I also take Cash and all Credit Cards. I will also trade jewelry for a new Laptop incase someone has one they do not want or have 2.

Have a great 2012!!!

Victor the SnakeMannn
Jewelry Designer to the Stars!

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If you do not have Paypal, you can send me a
U.S. Post Office Money Order payment at:

Victor Wolder
7095 Hollywood Blvd 1110
Hollywood Ca 90028

But please email me the pieces you are interested in first at to see if they are available. Please enclose Piece Number, description and prices. Thanks.

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Chief Stranger Horse c. 1844 - 1922

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Celebrities who have my Jewelry...

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